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Find the best entrepreneurs in emerging markets

Every nation has a few game-changing entrepreneurs who create outsized value. We select the highest character, highest competency management teams leading the most scalable ventures.

Connect them to Silicon Valley resources

Even the best entrepreneurs in emerging markets lack access to the resources they need to scale. We match them with talent, networks, expertise, and investments from the world’s most prolific entrepreneurial ecosystem - Silicon Valley.

Create impact at scale

Our ventures scale-up to create thousands of new jobs and deliver essential products and services to millions of people. Our entrepreneurs become role-models who lead the transformation of their own national ecosystems.

Where We Work

Our Team

Born out of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, we live and work where Silicon Valley meets the frontier

Jesse Sullivan


I grew frustrated by my failed attempts to create change in the world’s toughest places through traditional charity, military, and government solutions. Alter was born out of a desire to bring together two radically different worlds: Silicon Valley, where the future is being created, and frontier markets, where many still struggle to survive.

Ozair Ali


I love solving puzzles - especially those with a purpose. The elimination of poverty is the puzzle I want to solve in my lifetime. I was born in a middle-class family in a developing country, but have been exceptionally fortunate to go to some of the best schools, and work across four continents in the public and private sector. With all of that, if I don't solve this puzzle, well, who will?

Rita Chang

Chief Marketing Officer

One of the best lessons I’ve learned over the years is the importance of creating a domino effect. What one thing can you do to create self-sustaining ripples of change? Whether it’s to amplify impact or to inspire others to also take action, find the one lever you can pull to create lasting change. This is what we strive to do every single day - by supporting our high-growth ventures, these high-character founders are not just building their companies, they’re building their countries.

Kim Horwitz

Director of Partnerships

From living and researching in some of the world's least developed places, I've learned that entrepreneurship is accomplishing what decades of cookie-cutter international aid programs have failed to do: stimulate sustainable economic opportunities from the ground up. It's an honor to help empower the ventures that are creating prosperity and opportunity in the parts of the world that need it most.

Board of Directors

Jessica Jackley Co-Founder, Kiva; Partner, Collaborative Fund
Allen Taylor MD, Endeavor Catalyst

Global Advisors

Chris Larsen Executive Chairman, Ripple
Gary Pinkus Chairman & Senior Partner, McKinsey North America
Bob King Founder, Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies; Early Investor, Baidu
Kevin Taweel CEO, Asurion
Kim Polese Entrepreneur who launched Java; VC at Broadway Angels; Chairman, ClearStreet; Chairman; CrowdSmart
Miriam Rivera Co-Founder, Ulu Ventures; former VP, Google
Russ Siegelman Former Chair, Global Innovation Fund; Former Partner, Kleiner Perkins
Scott Brady Co-Founder & General Partner, Innovation Endeavors