The role model for the new Afghan economy, succeeding through honesty

Born and educated in the US, Sanzar Kakar was working for Merrill Lynch when his father told him something that would change his life: “You’ll make more of a difference in Afghanistan than in New York.” With that, he moved to Kabul and started the professional services venture that became Afghanistan Holding Group.

AHG plays a critical role in enabling companies to invest and operate in Afghanistan. But more than that, under Sanzar’s leadership the firm has become the exemplar of modern business ethics in Afghanistan. At the same time as AHG has steadfastly refused to contribute to corruption, it has grown to become the most trusted name in its sector.

AHG now services over 700 companies, including some of the world’s largest. Its core team of 150 staff embraces a culture of hard work to overcome some of the country’s pressing challenges. As Sanzar puts it, “what some companies pay in bribes, we pay in time.” His leadership and his staff’s dedication are paying their own dividends, and AHG has positioned itself to be the cornerstone of the new Afghan economy.

“AHG is known as the one company that doesn’t pay bribes. So we are the change...we are the example that changes the mindset. That example is a shining beacon.”